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(原文来源thoughtco,作者Kenneth Beare译者Emma



elbow 手肘- Don't jab your elbow into me. It hurts! 别拿你的手肘戳我,很痛的!

finger 手指- He pointed his finger at her and shouted "I love you!" 他指向她,大喊了一声“我爱你!”

index /middle/ring/little finger  食指/中指/无名指/小指- Many people wear their marriage band on their ring finger. 许多人把婚戒戴在无名指上。

finger nail 指甲 - How long is the finger nail? 这个指甲有多长?

fist 拳,拳头 - I struck him with my fist.  我用拳头揍了他。

forearm 前臂 - You should put some sunscreen on your exposed forearm. 你应该给你露在外面的前臂涂点防晒霜。

left/right hand 左手/右手 - I write with my right hand. 我用右手写字。

palm 手掌 - A bird settled on his palm.  一只鸟停落在他的手掌上。  

thumb  拇指- The thumb can be opposed to any of the fingers.  大拇指能与任何一个手指相对。

wrist 手腕- That's a beautiful bracelet on your wrist. 你手腕上的手镯很漂亮。



chin 下巴- Orange juice dribbled down his chin.  橙子汁沿着他的下巴往下滴。

cheek  面颊- He pecked her on the cheek.  他轻轻地吻了一下她的面颊。

ear  耳朵- You need to clean out your ears! You can't hear anything. 你需要清理一下你的耳朵! 你什么也听不到!

eye  眼睛- Does she have blue eyes or green? 她的眼睛是蓝色的还是绿色的?

eyebrow 眉毛- Jennifer spends a lot of time making her eyebrows stand out. 珍妮弗花了大把时间把眉毛画得立体。

eyelash 睫毛- She has very thick eyelashes. 她的睫毛很浓密。

forehead 额头- Look at that forehead. He must be a genius. 看看他这额头。 他一定是个天才。

hair 头发- Susan has light brown hair and blue eyes. 苏珊有一头浅棕色的头发和蓝色的眼睛。

head - His head is rather large, isn't it? 他的头特别大,不是吗?

lip 嘴唇- Her lips are like soft pillows. 她的嘴唇像枕头一样柔软。

mouth 嘴巴- He's got a big mouth! 他有个大嘴巴!

neck 颈部,脖子- I love her long neck. 我爱她的纤长的脖子。

nose 鼻子- She's got a beautiful petite nose. 她有个漂亮小巧的鼻子。

nostril 鼻孔- The Indian princess wore a diamond in her right nostril. 印第安公主在右鼻孔中戴了一颗钻石

jaw 下巴,下颌- You chew your food with your jaw. 你用下颌咀嚼食物。

shoulder 肩膀- Dennis had broad shoulders. 丹尼斯有宽阔的肩膀。

tooth (teeth) 牙齿- I have a loose tooth.  我的一颗牙齿松动了。 

tongue 舌头- He protruded his tongue.  他伸出了舌头。

throat 喉咙- This medicine will quell your sore throat.  这种药可减轻你的喉痛。



ankle 脚踝- Your ankle connects your foot to your leg. 脚踝连接脚和腿。

calf 小腿- Her calf muscles are very strong . 她的小腿肌肉非常强壮。

foot (feet) - Put your shoes on your feet and let's go. 穿上鞋子,出发啦。

heel 后脚跟- His heel is raw because his shoe does not fit well. 因鞋子不合适,他的脚后跟擦破皮了。

hips 臀部- I think I've put some weight onto my hips. 我想我的臀部长胖了。

knee 膝盖- My book slid off my knee.  书从我的膝盖上滑落了。

leg - Put on your pants one leg at a time. 穿裤子的时候,一条腿一条腿的穿。

shin 胫骨- Be sure to protect your shins when you play soccer. 踢足球的时候,一定要保护好你的胫骨。

thigh 大腿- His thighs are huge! 他的大腿特别粗。

toe 脚趾- Each foot has five toes. 每只脚有五个脚趾头。

toenail 脚趾甲- She likes to paint her toenails pink. 她喜欢把脚趾甲涂成粉色。



bottom 臀部- Your bottom is used for sitting. 你的臀部是用来坐的。

chest 胸腔- He has a broad chest because he swims a lot. 因为他常游泳,所以他的胸膛很宽广。

back 背部- Are you experiencing any pain in the back? 你背痛吗?

stomach 胃,腹部- I'm eating too much and my stomach is growing! 我吃的太多了,肚子都变大了。

waist 腰部- She has a slim waist and will fit into anything! 她的腰很细,什么衣服都穿得下。



blood 血液- The hospital needs more blood. 医院需要更多的血液。

bone 骨头- Our skeleton is made of bone.  我们的骨架由骨头构成。

hair 头发- It's amazing how much hair is on the floor after a haircut. 剪完头发后,地板上头发的数量太惊人了。

muscle 肌肉- You should always stretch your muscles before you go running. 你应该先拉伸肌肉再跑步。

skin 皮肤- He had brown skin. 他的皮肤是棕色的


六、THE BODY - VERBS 和身体部位有关的动词

blinkeyes 眨眼睛-Why do you blink?  为什么人会眨眼睛?

glance  eyes 一瞥-I gave her a glance.  我看了她一眼。

stare  eyes 凝视-They all stared with astonishment. 他们全都惊讶地瞪着眼。

wink eye 眨眼,使眼色-The strong wind made me wink.  大风吹得我直眨眼。

point  finger-Dont point at me. 别拿手指着我。

scratch  finger 擦伤,抓痕-The dog is scratching at the door. 狗正在抓门。

kick  foot -The football fans hissed when he didn't kick the ball.  当他踢空了一脚球时,球迷们发出了一阵嘘嘘声。

claphands 拍手,鼓掌-Let everyone clap hands like me.  让每一个人像我一样拍手。

punchhands用拳头猛击-He blacked her eye with that one punch.  他用那一猛拳把她的眼眶打得发青。

shake hands握手-And they do not expect just to shake hands with him.  这些领导人期望的不仅仅是和他握握手。

slap hands击掌,拍击-She fetched him a terrific slap in the face.  她狠狠地打了他一记耳光。

smack hands-If you smack someone in the face, what would they do?  如果你掴了某人一巴掌,他们会怎么办?

nod  head点头-She noticed him merely with a nod.  她仅以点头向他打招呼。

kiss  lips)亲,亲吻-She planted a kiss on his cheek.  她在他的脸颊上使劲地吻了一下。

whistle  lips/mouth 吹口哨-The dog came to his whistle.  狗听到他的哨声就来了。

eat  mouth-Do you have something to eat?  你有什么可吃的东西吗?

talk  mouth说,谈话-What should I talk to her?  我该对她说什么呢?

taste  mouth-Can you taste pepper in the pudding?  你能吃出布丁里胡椒的味道吗?

whisper  mouth耳语,低声说-She said it in a whisper, so I didn't hear. 她是悄声说的,所以我没有听见。

breathe  mouth/nose)呼吸-The patient began to breathe normally.  病人开始正常呼吸了。

smell  nose-I could smell that the milk was not fresh. 我闻得出牛奶不新鲜。

sniff nose-The dog was sniffing at the lamppost. 那条狗在街灯柱旁嗅来嗅去。

shrug shoulders 耸肩-I shrug my shoulders when people tell me that their first impressions of a person are always right.  每当有人跟我说他对一个人的首次印象向来不错的时候,我就耸耸肩。

bite  mouth-Their dog bit a hole in my trousers. 他们的狗把我的裤子咬了个窟窿。

lick tongue-The kitty licked up the milk. 小猫舔光了牛奶。

swallow throat 吞下,咽下-He took the medicine at one swallow.  他一口把药吞了下去。


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