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A useful website I want to introduce to you is Hujiang Net. It is for English study and it is really a very useful website for me. It is also a famous website in English study field. I am so grateful there is such a  beneficial website.

First, it has aboundant resources on Hujiang net. You can find everything you need. For leisure or for exam purpose. As for leisure, you can watch good movies or listen to nice English songs on line which the editors selected for you. As for exam, there are so many information for IELTS,TOFLE or GRE. Any resources you need can be downloaded in the website.

Second, the website also has a good BBS. It’s easy for you to communicate with others about your experiences during the process of learning English. When you encounter problems, you can put your questions on BBS, someone who knows the answer must give you suggestions on how to resolve the problem.

BBS is like a community,you can make friends on it as well. It is a good place for you to learn English or learn from each other.

Hujiang net also provides blog function where you can express your ideas on the private space. I built my English blog on hujiang net,putting my exercises and articles on it. It’s not only an interesting experence for me, but also a kind of persistence of learning English.

Last but not least, hujiang net provides a unique functure for English learners. That is dictation function which is very popular among the users of hujiang net. You can dictate English news which includes news from BBC and VOA on line. The main page is updated everyday. Dictation is not easy to persist in, but if you set aside less than one hour to dictate English news, you must make an amazing progress after one-year persistence. It is a tough work. I read an article of a user of hujiang, he shared his experience of one-year dictation and now he is easy to understand the English news and movies. Just one year, dictating everyday. That is an admirable thing for me.

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